Lillie Pads

"The Coaster for Everything"

Available Sizes

4" Round

5" Round

Available Sizes 

All designs are available in all sizes!

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Lillie Pads are strong enough to hold water and soft enough to never break! Our Lillie Pads protect furniture from liquid.. spills... drips.

Easy to clean by putting in dishwasher... good as new!

Use for: plants, dog bowl, candles, kitchen sponges, wine bottles, soap bottles, coffee cups, cold beverages, candy dish, spoon rest

and many more!

Jar Opener

6" round

(Actual Dimension 6.25 inches)

 About our Jar Openers 

Andreas Silicone Jar Openers loosen the most stubborn jars

and lids by giving the user the most leverage possible

because they fit comfortably into every hand.

Our jar openers have an additional feature, they stick to most every metal and glass surface, refrigerator doors... windows or stainless steel back-splashes... you can always find them!

Added feature:

Place on the dash of your car to hold your cell phone in place!


**Actual dimension are used under above sizes**


8'' Round

(Actual dimension 7.5inches)

10'' Round

(Actual dimension 9.75 inches)

9x9" Square

(Actual dimension 8.25x8.25 inches)

9x13" Casserole

(Actual dimension 8.25x12 inches)


Andreas Silicone Trivets are made by encapsulating fabric within

highly heat resistant silicone giving your table protection up to

600°F/ 316°C . Andreas Silicone Trivets are non-slip and protect

kitchen counters as well as dining room tables from heat.

Trivets can also be used as pot holders.

Whimsical and elegant at the same time, our trivets will last for

years of everyday use and are dishwasher safe.


Non-slip surface

Dimensions: 11" x 16"

Sturdy for everyday use!


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