From Our Family to Yours

How it all began

In 2003, during our family Easter dinner, Ron realized that our table was set with stained pot  holders and old tea towels. He was then  determined to make something special for Shirley that was not only useful, but looked great too.  After countless trials and errors over the next 3 years, Ron finally developed the perfect solution. Soon after, Andréas Silicone was born. The name  Andréas is the name of our home town.

Our People

Our people are what make the difference, crafting each product as if they were making it for themselves or a loved one. We are thankful to be able to provide jobs for our community and to add on another generation of history to the old  Washington Street Factory. Thank you for supporting American jobs and businesses.

Big Move in 2011

In 2011 we outgrew our small shed, and after much research, we found a historic building for sale in Tamaqua, PA that had an amazing  history. Built in 1903 by W.F. Taubel, it was initially a factory that made bathing suits and  hosiery. Through the years the building was  home to numerous businesses and employed many of the town’s people. We are proud to  continue that tradition and keep this historic building alive and well.


Our Products

Andréas Silicone offers many shapes, sizes, and patterns that are perfect for any occasion. Our Trivets make beautiful placemats for those hot dishes/casseroles on the table and double as potholders, withstanding up to 600º F. Our jar openers make opening up those stubborn jars a breeze. They stick to any metal or glass surface, allowing you to put them right on your refrigerator or microwave leaving no residue. Our Lillie Pads have scalloped edges so they are able to hold liquid, making them fantastic  coasters/candle holders. The options are limitless!


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